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Game Theory, 2019

Supplementary notes:

  1. Types of strategies and beliefs
  2. Table of notation for simultaneous-move games
  3. Strategic games
  4. Bayesian games
  5. Correlated equilibrium
  6. Modelling knowledge
  7. Behavioural game theory
  8. Extensive-form games 1
  9. Extensive-form games 2
  10. Bargaining
  11. Evolutionary game theory 1
  12. Evolutionary game theory 2
  13. Information transmission games
  14. VCG mechanisms
  15. The Gale-Shapley matching algorithm
  16. Repeated games
  17. Time discounting

The above notes are intended to be used as a supplement to the lectures and to Osborne's Introduction to Game Theory. They contain: summaries of some important theorems and concepts; guidance on best-practice 'procedures' for approaching certain sorts of problems. Practical examples of these 'procedures' are available here:

There may well be errors in these supplementary notes or example workings: please let me know if you think you've found any. In the meantime exercise due care -- make sure that any passages you use for revision are consistent with your understanding of the textbook and the lectures.